Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Study time

I think that most teachers try to schedule learning in ways that maximize students' opportunity for success. As we roll into the holiday break, we have a few days to solidify learning for the unit three math test--a few days to allow students to think deeply about what it means to study.

How will that work?

Today, I'll review the last concept of the unit left to review, a problem solving focus. Then I'll talk to students about the many ways available to study for the unit including completing the study packet, practicing with online exercises, and completing the online/offline practice test on their own or with friends. Then I'll work to help students with their study by clarifying confusing points, coaching best study routines, and encouraging those who may not be using the time well.

It's a luxury to have these days to focus in on study--a focus, if used well, will result in positive learning.