Monday, December 30, 2019

Students, What do you know?

As we continue to engage students in a large number of science-related experiences to teach the standards, system-wide programs, and more, I'm at a point where I want to know what they have learned so far.

Analysis of recent years' science teaching efforts have shown us that while experiences often introduce students to important science concepts and ideas, those experiences don't always spell deep learning and understanding. That kind of deep learning takes a variety of learning endeavor including reflection, response, discussion, presentation, creation, and more.

So today I'll put together a helpful assessment that will give teachers on our team a good idea about what science concepts students have grasped so far and what concepts students still need to explore more.

I'll revisit the many science-related activities students engaged in, create a step-by-step assessment, and then review that assessment with teammates prior to giving students the time to complete the task. Once completed, we'll look carefully at what students understand well, and what we still need to review.

In order to quicken the analysis, I'll likely put the assessment on a Google form which will provide quick results to study. If we want deeper results in specific areas, we can add another assessment to gain that information.

This task will take some time, but it will be an assessment we can use in future years as well so it will be time well spent. Onward.