Sunday, December 29, 2019

Spewing Hate

I have followed an individual who challenges my thinking for a long time. The person represents an underrepresented group, and I have used that person's words to grow my understanding, sensitivity, and advocacy with regard to that group and people in general.

Yet, recently that individual's post spewed such hate that I had to block the individual--the post shared felt like getting hit over the head with a hammer. It was hurtful, painful, and offensive. I blocked the individual, an individual who clearly holds great anger and hate for others. I can understand where this hate and anger come from, but I wonder if her hateful posts do more to inflame greater prejudice and hate rather than educate, teach, and grow compassion.

This event has made me think about my own posts and ability to be compassionate to individuals who have struck out at me via words and actions--can I be forgiving and patient enough to accept the fact that they might not understand who I am or where I am coming from--do my posts distance rather than draw people near? I have not experienced the level of prejudice or hate this individual has experienced so I can't fully put myself in that person's shoes and I remain compassionate, but I can no longer accept such hateful, belittling, and painful posts from that person.

We all have to be cautious when it comes to spewing hate toward any individuals or groups. We may not agree with them or see it from their point of view, but we have to be patient and peaceful--hate does no one any good.