Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Sometimes you don't have the answer

Earlier this week I became upset over an issue. I analyzed the issue afterwards and recognized that should a similar issue arise, I need to call for help rather than get upset. A similar issue occurred today and I did call for help. The help came and there was not upset or error--it was the right choice.

No one teacher can be all things to all people. In classrooms we are met with many challenges as we work to teach all the children. There are many challenges we successfully address day after day, but there are some challenges that are very complex and difficult to solve.

There's been one challenge this year that the team has tried multiple ways to solve, and while there has been some success, we're still challenged to solve the problem in ways the I feel truly spell success. I'm not giving up, but I admit it's a tough problem to solve for many reasons.

By focusing on successful strategies this morning, it was a good day of teaching with lots of learning success. I plan to do the same in the following days, and I also plan to hold off on anything new at this point in the year. There will be time for that after the holidays.  Onward.