Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Pick up the pieces; restart

Yesterday was a tough day. I let typical challenges get to me, and I got upset in the classroom. I hate when this happens and work to reduce events like these as much as possible. The week, in general, has been tough due to a number of issues that have made teaching more difficult than usual.

What can a teacher do when this happens?

First, analyze why it happened. I've been chasing the teaching ball all week due to events both inside and outside of the school house--events that have zapped my good energy. Teachers need good energy to teach well. Therefore, when issues zap our energy, you have to figure out what to do about those issues because you need your energy to teach well.

Next, act on issues sooner or later. When issues fester, they rarely get better. One issue that led to the upset has existed for weeks, yet I haven't been able to arrive at a good solution for the situation. I have to accept the issue as is or strive to find the solution needed. I can't simply let it fester without a decision as that leads to frustration.

And, I have to lower my expectations a bit. No lesson or learning experience will be perfect especially since so many factors affect student learning especially at exciting holiday times. I have to take what I can get and not fret so much about what doesn't happen.

I made amends to the many who witnessed or were affected by the upset--that's not professional and not appropriate. I am truly sorry that it happened.

Today, I'll get back on track. Fortunately the lessons are planned and ready to go. I also eliminated some scheduling challenges to create more energy for good teaching.

It's embarrassing and hurtful to get upset at school. It's one of those "don't go there" actions that good teachers avoid. The times I've reached that point are not too many, but ideally, I'd like it to be a zero count.

Today's a new day.