Saturday, November 16, 2019

Who makes the best leader? Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States

In this presidential season we're in, I'm thinking about who makes the best leader and how do you decide that?

First, before thinking about the who, you have to think about the what--what will the person lead, and what is the vision for that leadership.

As Americans think about their next President of the United States, they need to think first about the country as a whole and what the best action and direction is for our country.

Opportunity for all
Personally, I envision a country with opportunity for all, a country with no poverty, top notch educational opportunities, clean air, water, and soil, beautiful conservation lands, wonderful public parks, libraries, and schools, a general sense of happiness, and the will to develop peacefully with the best interests of all. I believe that we have what it takes to reach for that vision in the United States, and I want a leader who will take us there.

Modern, honest leaders
Outdated leaders like Trump who think that you have to resort to prejudice, trickery, bribery, and lawlessness to lead are ill-directed--he provides short term gains for some while running up the national debt in astronomical ways. For me that would be like maxing out all my credit opportunities to get lots of money and live a lavish lifestyle for a few years until the creditors show up at my door. Trump and his errant, self-serving cronies have put the country in the same position.

A peaceful country where everyone matters
Trump, his family members, and cronies are "survival of the fittest" candidates--leading the United States is a game of Survivor for them, a game where the only ones who matter are those who win. They've lost sight of the great worth of peace, happiness, collaboration, and opportunity for all, and instead play foolish games to gain personal wealth, power, and control. This does not match my vision of a good, peaceful, and prosperous country at all.

Bold, bright decision makers
Then there are the moderates who tread gently ahead holding on to their wealth and many systems that support mostly the wealthy. There is a place for moderation, but what this country needs now is a big correction from old narrow thinking, prejudicial times to new thinking that provides optimal health care, education, and life standards for all. We need a courageous, bright, tireless, and collaborative leader to bring our country ahead for all, and I believe Elizabeth Warren is that candidate.

Hard working leaders
We need a President of the United States that doesn't shy away from the hard work of leadership, the empathy that good leadership requires, and the intelligent analysis, research, and collaboration it takes to lead a great country ahead. We don't need another self-serving showman for a leader. Showman like Trump have one goal in mind and that's to elevate their own status. They care little, if at all, for you, me, or most other countrywomen and countrymen. These showmen use manipulation to deceive the public by way of lies, doctored images, relationships with dangerous world leaders and others, and loss of memory when it comes to important details related to serious issues.

Willing to pay attention to the details, make the tough choices
Elizabeth Warren has demonstrated her steadfast attention to some of the least easy-to-understand or simple-to-solve issues people face. She has done the tireless work to make positive changes to uplift the everyday person. Similarly, in her run for the Presidency, she has been tirelessly moving throughout the country to meet our diverse people, researching and coming up with good plans to make our lives better, and staying strong, calm, and optimistic despite the disrespect she has faced from Trump and his cronies. Her experience, energy, and intelligence make her a terrific choice for President of the United States.

Worth our time and money
In my opinion, Trump and his cronies' errant ways have wasted a lot of time, money, and potential for the United States. Rather than spending most of their time spending money and time defending their lawless acts, we could have leaders that spend that time and money working for the betterment of our country and the people in it. Anyone who has lived with, or worked with, tiring, self-serving, wrongdoing men and women like this know what a drain they are on the good work possible and the wonderful potential that exists for what is right and good. We need to choose leaders that are worth our good time, money, and potential. We will not have to spend countless dollars and hours defending Elizabeth Warren--her track record is solid and her will to serve our country, and not just herself, is clear.

There is a different, good leader for every job
Trump was a successful reality television star. His brash ways entertained people. He made a lot of money for himself which appears to be his most important criteria for success. Perhaps he is a good leader of television reality shows. He is not a good leader as President of the United States because he doesn't care much about the country or the people--he clearly cares about himself, a few family members, and a few cronies. He also is not a good leader for our country because he does not stay truthful, disciplined, or exemplify the values and laws this country holds, values and laws outlined in the United States Constitution--he does what serves himself best rather than our country's values, laws, or positive future. A good leader for the United States is one who holds our values, laws, and promise for the future dear--we need an intelligent, collaborative, energetic, creative, experienced person who truly cares about the people in the United States and all over the world--a person who can work with others for win-win solutions to make better. Elizabeth Warren is the best person for the job at this time--she's got my vote.