Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Who gets the front seat in the classroom?

This is one of those years when I wish I could put every child in a front seat. Our class doesn't sit in traditional seats that often, but when we do, it's a lot easier to attend to those in the front seats because you can see what they are doing with greater ease and you can reach out to them to help or respond more easily too. It's more difficult to see or help those in the back seats therefore it is easier for those in the back to do what they want than do what is expected.

Some years are like this, and during years like this, you have to continually re-think the classroom set-up, routine, and schedule to help each child as much as you can.

The key for this group of children is to make good teams. When a small group of children are working together in positive ways that helps everyone to learn. Today I'll do a little shifting and sorting to make students' seating a bit better. We'll also establish a few new routines to help students with organization. Onward.