Monday, November 18, 2019

Which lesson to teach?

There are countless ways that I can approach today's math lesson. I've thought quite a bit about it. I could start with an online introduction then move to online practice. I could create a new online menu with direct practice. I could do a follow-the-leader, teacher-directed lesson to review the main points or I could promote one of a variety of student practice assignments beginning with a short introduction. This kind of decision making is part of a teacher's life since there are many good lessons out there and many entry points to those lessons.

Today, since I have very good help available, I'll begin with an introduction to this week's homework options since the options are a bit complicated. An early introduction means students will be more alert. Then I'll give students time to follow the learning menu which includes beginning their homework, working on online practice sites. This will be a good lesson for a Monday nearing the Thanksgiving holiday. Onward.