Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday Musings: Teaching During the Holidays

The holiday season will begin soon as children leave to celebrate Thanksgiving with family members and then move into the many celebrations that occur in December and early January. Typically we complement this busy holiday season with more traditional, steady teaching and learning. What's to come?

Students will work for about an hour each Thursday on their climate change projects. These projects will be small group projects that focus on some aspect of stewardship for our local watershed environment. Our naturalist coach is leading the effort and we're supporting this work with a number of standards-based activities that help teach students how to make decisions as a group, research, plan, and complete a project that makes a difference.

There's lots of math to teach in the next month and a half as we complete the place value unit and teach and review the math operations with regard to whole numbers, decimals, algebraic thinking, and problem solving.

We'll continue reading with students and giving students a good amount of time to read great books on their own.

Students will engage in a number of enjoyable writing lessons and projects.

Special Events
There are concerts planned, but few other in school special events at this time. That's what makes school a comforting place for students during the busy holidays at home.

It's been an incredibly busy fall at school. I'm looking forward to this next leg of the school year--a time to stay faithful to our routines and a time of lots of rich learning.