Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Focus Ahead: Six Weeks of Sensitive Student-Centered Efforts

Our team has spent a lot of time this fall building our curriculum program in multiple ways--this has been good work which has resulted in a more cohesive team and engaging teaching/learning program. Now, for the next six weeks, the focus is going to be on thinking deeply about each child and working to provide the personalized supports to help every child succeed in the best ways possible.

This means no new initiatives in these weeks, but instead a focus on finessing the initiatives in place to better serve students. Practically this means paying attention to details like these:

  • Putting supplies away in places where children can find them
  • Passing in assignments on time
  • Extra support for students who are not completing assignments
  • Greater attention to detail with regard to the lessons, details that work to engage all in meaningful ways
  • Continued organization of the learning environment
  • Time for reflection related to all the great events we've been involved in recently
  • Slowing down the pace so there's more time to focus in on individual children
I'm looking forward to this period of finesse--it's a great complement to the busy outside-of-school holiday agenda. Here we go.