Friday, November 08, 2019

Exploring Best Practices

Today a colleague and I will attend Massachusetts Department of Education's Sharing for Success Dissemination Fair. We'll present our environmental interdisciplinary project based learning efforts, and we'll have the opportunity to hear educators from throughout the state describe their interdisciplinary project based learning, social emotional learning, and equity education efforts. I'm looking forward to this day of learning and share.

Some of the questions I'm bringing to the fair include the following:

  • How do other educators' approaches to project base learning differ from our efforts?
  • What new ideas will we learn that will help us to improve our efforts in this regard?
  • How to these schools support students who are less successful with teamwork and project based learning; how can we better design this work to better involve these students?
  • What are some ways that these educators embed standards into project based learning?
  • How do they make the learning from project based learning meaningful and memorable?
  • How do they create projects that are culturally relevant.
Interdisciplinary project based learning is a rich way to teach and learn if done well. Today's learning will help us to take a deeper look at the work we do with an eye on betterment. I look forward to learning opportunities like this one. Onward.