Thursday, November 14, 2019

Elementary School: Building Blocks

So much of the good work done in elementary school is not newsworthy, but instead simple, directed, loving, and essential with regard to helping children develop strong foundations for good living.

I was reminded of that recently as I watched a colleague, who has developed a strong relationship with a child, help that child learn to get along with others better. She's working closely with the child day after day to strengthen his ability to make friends, contribute, have fun, and be successful. This good work will not make the front page news, but it is good work that makes a significant difference in the life of a child and those that work and live with that child.

For work to be valuable, it does not have to be newsworthy. Much of the best work that truly supports good living is quiet, dedicated, loving, day-by-day work. As a teaching profession, we need to honor and support that work in order to help one another teach well and to help our students thrive. This is essential.