Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Curriculum Update: The Teaching Year Continues

There's always lots to teach--limitless opportunity.

Currently, our team is focused on the following efforts:

History, Geography, and Environmental Science Related to Local Lands
Students will review the history, geography, and environment of local lands this week via a visit from a naturalist coach, text, video, and an outdoor adventure. We want our students to get to know, value, and steward the natural lands around them as we know that this knowledge will help them better enjoy and care for their environment. This is important and can be fun too.

Base Ten Place Value System and Operations with Decimals and Whole Numbers
Students are learning how the base-ten place value system works. There's lots of language and concepts to review and practice in order to be facile with this system. In general, students are responding well to the teaching and learning. After that students will revisit algebraic thinking as they solve problems using math operations with decimals and whole numbers.

Reading and Discussing Great Books
Students are learning many ways to read and discuss great books. There is enthusiasm related to this good.

Writing Fun and Enjoyment
Students are engaged in a number of enjoyable writing tasks and projects.

Teamwork and Team Projects
Students are learning to work as teams as they begin their climate change teamwork projects--there's many great experiences planned for this learning.

Student Study Review
I'll make some time to review students' study efforts soon. This regular review and commentary helps to inspire students' good effort and motivation for learning as well as they can.

From now until the December break, we'll focus on this good teaching and learning. To drill down on mostly more traditional teaching and learning while the world is celebrating multiple holidays is a good complement. Onward.