Saturday, October 26, 2019

The week ahead; Halloween week 2019

After a very positive collegial conversation and time to reflect, I'm ready to teach in the week ahead. What will happen?

Math Tests
I'll review areas of common error on a recent math test, pass back the tests, and give students a chance to reflect on their effort and performance. The first test of the year is as much a test of my teaching as students' learning. As I reviewed each child's work I was reminded of the importance of repetition when it comes to learning as well as the need to check-in on particular skills, concepts, and knowledge points throughout the unit. Fortunately we're a standards-based school so there are no grades, instead it's all about moving every child forward. There are a few children who still need to complete the tests.

Later in the week, students will learn about the invention of digits including zero. It's an exciting story that sets the stage for the place value unit.

Students will discuss the need for clean water and how to filter water to make it clean. Then they'll create and test water filters. There's a good amount of prep to do to prepare for this investigation, but it should be an investigation where students will learn and have fun too.

Social Studies
Students will travel to a historic site and immerse themselves in life as it was in the 1830's. I think they'll enjoy this day long exploration and learn a lot too.

Professional Learning
Colleagues and I will take part in a state-wide evaluation pilot with a focus on our environmental studies unit. We're looking forward to work with other teams from throughout the state as we learn about ways to evaluate this program and others with a focus on betterment.

Plant Packets, Life Cycles, and Measurement
Students will focus on a review of plants, life cycles, and measurement when teachers attend a professional learning day. This will be good review for upcoming field studies and math units.

Indoor Recess
It's possible that there will be some indoor recesses this week which will give students a chance to use lots of the building and creativity tools available as well as read and play games.

Schedule Refinement
I'll work with colleagues to further refine the schedule to meet the needs of students.

Student-Family Member-Teacher Conferences
Students will lead their conferences using their showcase portfolios as a guide. I'll listen carefully to the conversations, share student data with family members, and cull any grade-level trends or individual student needs and interests that arise for further reflection and program revision and enrichment.

It will be a busy week, and hopefully a week well-focused on the needs, interests, and potential the children demonstrate. Onward.