Friday, October 25, 2019

Stuck with sameness

Yesterday on my way home from school, I thought about my daily pattern and wondered if I was stuck with sameness.

The notion struck me recently when I thought about people I know who follow the same routine again and again when there's a world of opportunity out there and so many new and wonderful events they could take part in to enrich their lives.

There's a right balance between sameness and new for all people. It's worth taking some time to think about the same routines you follow as well as the new opportunities that exist all around you. How can you optimize sameness while also trying out new experiences and opportunities?

I guess it starts with assessing your daily routine--what's working and what's not working with regard to joy, happiness, and positivity? What could you do differently to shake-up your routines to build in better experiences and a fuller experience of life?

Each time my husband and I visit our son at college, we explore his college environment in a new way. Last weekend we rented bikes and rode to the arboretum--it was a wonderful bike ride and terrific visit to a new destination for us. That brought joy and happiness. Yet there is comfort in routine, and often a good routine makes life affordable, healthy, and positive too. So it's finding that balance between sameness and novelty--what we know and what we are learning.

I like finding a new tension to think about and explore in an effort to live a rich and wonderful life. I wonder what you think about the sameness vs new tension and how your consideration and actions related to this enrich your life. Let me know what you think.