Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Science Teamwork

Today students created water filters as part of our STEAM Survival series. Most teams collaborated well and successfully created filters to clean water. A few teams and students struggled with teamwork.

An explicit discussion about teamwork and watching Ideo's classic shopping cart video set the stage for working together, failing often, and getting the project done. As far as teams and individuals that struggled with collaboration, we'll make some changes and add some coaching to help those teams and individuals. Some possible changes may include:

  • changing team members around
  • letting some work in a separate space with their teams
  • providing a simpler project menu with more bonus to give students an easier way to be successful with the activity while still providing those who want more, enrichment. 
We've got a lot of science lessons to come and lots more collaboration throughout the curriculum, so this is an important focus.