Monday, October 21, 2019

Next steps: school year 2019-2020

The routine is established, professional learning events scheduled, and a positive home-school pattern in place. As in years past, the expected teaching load is heavy, but we've done a fairly good job with that.

Next steps include the following:

Maintaining a positive daily pattern
It was an overall good teaching day today, but it's clear that students need to move one step ahead with regard to their focus and good work. These are capable students. We have a good program in place. Now it's time to rise a bit. Though the work will be challenging, the sense of pride at good teamwork and positive learning will be positive. It's worth the positive push.

Reviewing student work
I'm making good time to review student work this year. In a sense, this review is like having a conversation with each child. I see how they respond to the learning, and then I respond to them typical with a 1(not done), 2(met expectations), 3(exceeded expectations), 4(above and beyond). This review informs the curriculum program in positive ways allowing me to well plan lessons and work with individuals, small groups, and the whole class in ways that matter.

Professional learning
There are a number of collaborative and individual professional learning events in the works--all of these efforts make the daily work more successful, targeted, and worthwhile for the students and me.

Our work together as the learning team is finding a good rhythm as family members, educators, students, and others work together to help every child learn.