Thursday, October 31, 2019

Measures for holistic learning?

Years ago at a conference at Google in Palo Alto, California, I found a man at my side during several episodes of the conference. Eventually, I had the the chance to talk to the man who said he was exploring holistic measures related to learning. That quest struck me as meaningful and intriguing.

As an educator, my aim is to teach the whole child, yet when it comes to assessing work related to that, like the man I met so many years ago, I am a bit challenged. How do we assess programs with a holistic lens--how do we know when a program serves a whole child well?

Tomorrow, I'll investigate this question with a greater lens as I meet with a diverse of Massachusetts educators who are looking to improve and develop their efforts related to assessing curriculum programs.  Our team will grapple with how to best assess students' learning and programming related to an interdisciplinary environmental science unit. What's working well and what can be better? How will we best assess that?

I'll certainly be a good listener with my dedicated team and the dedicated educators from throughout the state who are grappling with a similar question. This is a good start to growing our programs in meaningful and memorable ways.