Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Focus: A Positive Routine

Every year various priorities rise. This year it's all about a positive routine. This has always been a focus, however, for multiple reasons this a greater focus this year. What does the positive routine entail?

Morning Greeting
To greet students with care each morning means I have to be to school a bit earlier and I have to have the morning prep done ahead of time.

Standards-Based Learning Experiences
To teach the standards-based lessons in meaningful, relevant, culturally responsive ways takes a good amount of reading, research, prep, and planning. A good schedule demands significant time for this work.

Meeting Students' Needs and Interests
A good schedule leaves plenty of time for thoughtful observation, individual and whole class student meetings, and good time to plan and prepare to meet students needs and interests.

Professional Learning
A good schedule includes a good amount of time for professional learning.

Health and Happiness
A good schedule optimizes energy with plenty of personal time for health and happiness.

Good Classroom Set-Up and Organization
A good schedule relies on a positive teaching/learning environment too.

This is year is one of those dig in and do the work years. Due to many factors, it's not a year with lots of support or enthusiasm for new ideas, but instead the expectation that I'll do all I can to teach every child in my midst as well as I can. Onward.