Friday, September 13, 2019

Tired Days

Some school days are tired days, tired days for teachers and/or tired days for students.

This was our first full week at school, the first week when students went to all specials and rotated to each fifth grade classroom each day. It was also a week when teachers prepared for and presented at Curriculum Night. It's likely that many teachers and students will be tired today.

It's important to recognize that tired days for teachers and students will occur, and when those days occur, we have to recognize that and give a bit more space for potential sluggishness and a bit more sensitivity.

Today the day is planned with plenty of reading, some math games, online practice activities, recess, and buddy time. It's a good plan for what might be a tired day for some--a warm and cozy plan to put an end to a good first full week of learning and teaching.