Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Students drive the teaching/learning program

I am spending a lot of time observing my students these days and responding to students' needs and interests as I forward the teaching/learning program.

What have I noticed?

This year most of my students seem to enjoy play a lot. They LOVE recess and engage well with each other via their large array of games including four square, soccer, football, playground equipment play, and more.

They also display a varied response to assignments. I'm watching this closely with the goal of matching the learning experiences as much as possible to their engagement.

And, they are demonstrating a variety of skills and abilities too which is making me think hard about where people sit during listening times, the way I organize assignments, pacing, and the information included in assignments.

I have to coach myself to not speed ahead, but instead take this observation seriously in order to invite every child into the learning in meaningful ways. Onward.