Monday, September 23, 2019


After talking with a friend, I realized that I had read the entire situation wrong. What I thought to be true was not true at all. I think that most of us see situations through our own lens first and may forget to refocus as we realize that our lens is not the right lens for the situation. I remember when this happened to me a long time ago. I was feeling sorry for someone guessing that they, like me at the time, may have a tight budget. That's when a friend awakened me to the fact that I was all wrong--clearly as a friend demonstrated evidence to the contrary of my belief, I knew that I had been reading the situation wrong.

I knew the pieces of the puzzle didn't fit right. I made an assumption, and because that assumption was uncomfortable, I reached out to others to give me their ideas--ideas that clearly demonstrated I had read the situation wrong. Time to refocus and prepare for the days ahead.