Friday, September 20, 2019

Friday Musings: September 20, 2019

The students sat with rapt attention as they listened to Greta Thunberg speak in her TedTalk. Typically during most lessons there is someone who is less interested, but not for Greta's talk. They were all engaged. When children pay attention that way, you know what they are paying attention to speaks to their hearts, minds, and their youthful value with regard to truth and justice.

Later they used Greta's words and the information relayed via a number of related videos to draft and craft wonderful posters--posters that they would carry as students in our school marched to show their will to care for our planet, Earth.

This was one of many good lessons and learning experiences this week, a week that included a Factor Game tournament, Venn diagram focus on factors and multiples, evaluating coding on a 100's chart, reading the wonderful read aloud Hatchet, independent reading, art, physical education, tech class, music, instrumental, writing, and more. A rich week. A busy week. And a week that included lots of outdoor games and fun too.

The week brought challenge too as we navigated a building leader's illness, attended a number of after school meetings, and strived to facilitate just-right learning experiences for each and every child. It was, all-in-all, a joyful week with the students and grade-level colleagues as we worked together to teach every child.

Next week will find us diving deeply into the topic of numerical expression and the behavior of numbers and math operations. Students will create their showcase portfolios and evaluate their own ability with regard to teamwork then test out that evaluation as they participate in a team activity. They'll also read, write, and attend all their specials. With regard to professional learning, my colleague and I will meet with the Massachusetts Audubon Drumlin Farm naturalists and science teachers from a neighboring community to develop our local environmental/climate change education activities. We'll also participate in the weekly student service meeting and PLC. And, we'll still work to solidify positive routines for students so that most time can be spent with worthy learning.

There's lots to do with regard to teaching each child well, and fortunately we have what we need to do the job well. Onward.