Thursday, September 12, 2019

Curriculum Night 2019

Tonight is Curriculum Night. In a few minutes, I'll get ready to go back to school to present our grade five program to many family members. As I've written about countless times, I truly love our collaborative model of teaching at fifth grade because together we truly can do better. I also love the fact that we all teach all children, and put children first with regard to all that we do. It's a good program that we continually work at to make better--the evolutionary process in place makes the job interesting and positive.

Tonight we'll begin with students' My Three Words video--a video that introduces all the family members to all 68 fifth graders with a short video of each child saying their name and three words depicted on a poster that tells something about their goals, hopes, or interests. Then we'll introduce the program with an emphasis on the fact that family members, students, and educators make up a collaborative learning/teaching community focused on the the positive welfare and development of each and every child.

I look forward to meeting the many family members who will come, and for those that can't attend, we've added the presentation to our grade five website so they can access all the information in the comfort of their homes. Onward.