Friday, August 30, 2019

Week one of the school year 2019: What did we learn this week?

Students began creating dreams folders as one way to focus their attention and effort as well as to get to know each other. 
The main focus of a school community is optimal learning, and the best way to get there is to build positive, trusting relationships with students, and embark in targeted. worthy, engaging, meaningful learning experiences.

As I think about week one, I'm thinking about what students learned. Week one was focused on trusting relationships and curriculum introductions.

Students learned the following:
  • They learned a lot about each other through a number of exercises where they discussed similarities and differences, shared their dreams, and focused on each others' names and why knowing one another's names and saying those names correctly are important.
  • They revisited story elements as we began the first read aloud, Hatchet.
  • They learned a few school year routines, routines that simplify the daily logistics so that there is more time for quality learning.
What will students learn next week?
  • In math we'll focus on team building with an activity related to variables, operations, and mathematical thinking. 
  • Science will begin our biomimicry composting unit.
  • We'll continue to review story elements and writers' craft as we enjoy the story, Hatchet, together.
  • There will be time to think about our learning goals as we complete the My Three Words video and Best Part of Me writing assignments. 
In these first few weeks of school, we're essentially laying the ground work for a positive, collaborative learning team--a team capable of tackling the many learning experiences ahead with teamwork, care for one another, and focused attention on the learning ahead.