Saturday, August 31, 2019

Teacher Dreams: What do those dreams illustrate?

I have always dreamed a lot. My dreams are long, detailed, colorful, and adventurous. Over my life there have been a number of recurring dreams, and for the most part, I have been able to understand what those recurring dreams say about me.

As a little girl, the oldest of six children, in a busy house, I was conscientious, and my dreams  dreams had to do with completing tasks well. Again and again, my dreams found me working hard to achieve a somewhat simple, but necessary task. In fact, as I think of my dreams over time, many of my dreams related to achievement--striving to do something I desired. I remember that when I was about 12, I'd dream time and again about doing back flips, something I desired. I also had a period of memorable dreams about living on the Hudson River which I've yet to understand, but those dreams were really beautiful as I engaged in conversation and simple pleasures along the banks of the river with a creative crew. It's possible that those dreams began after a drive over a Hudson River bridge or a visit to a museum that featured Hudson River artists' work.

I started my teaching career with the usual teacher anxiety dreams which usually occurred just before the start of the school year or when dealing with a tough teaching situation. Then during the years when there was great struggle at school, my dreams were informative about the people that posed the greatest challenge for me. Those dreams, in part, acted as a warning system about whom to be wary about and why. Those dreams were actually very helpful.

Recently I've had a new recurring dream. The dream is extremely stressful as I will to do a rather simple task which keeps avoiding me. I think the dream could be somewhat connected to the national climate related to school safety, lack of political support for education, and my own changing role related to teaching and learning. I looked up all the parts of the dream which have given me some understanding of this new recurring dream. Again, as in the past, I'll take this dream seriously and respond to the lesson it is sending me.

Both day dreams and night dreams are fascinating. It continually amazes me that our minds can conjure up such tales of adventure, warmth, surprise, and warning. What dreams do you remember? How often do you dream? Do your dreams direct your life, in part? I'm curious.