Thursday, August 08, 2019

How will your actions mirror your beliefs in school year 2019-2020

As we watch political leaders like #trump use amazing positive humane words and then act in opposition to the words spoken, we must consult our own use of words and our own actions. Do our actions mirror the words we use? In school year 2019-2020, how will you ensure that your actions match your words, what will you do? Simply stated, I aim to do the following:

In order to make sure that I run a children-first classroom, I will employ the following actions:

  • slow down
  • listen more and listen better
  • focus on the children during teaching times
  • design and embed learning experiences that respond to students' needs, interests, and desires
  • do all I can to support each and every students' success and happiness at school
Collegial Collaboration
  • Go hard on the problems, not the people
  • Listen more and better
  • Work together to forward the best possible teaching/learning programs
  • Advocate with courage and detail when needed
Culturally Relevant Teaching
Place the research-related posts I've written this summer in a guiding binder and use those posts to guide my teaching efforts and collaboration with colleagues.