Friday, August 09, 2019

Focus on what you can do

President Trump weighs heavily on the minds of those like me who truly want to uplift life for all with good values, care for one another, and honest, uplifting work. It's disgusting to see him elevate his ego day after day with poor behavior, hateful words, no empathy, and errant self-serving showmanship and decision making. Yet, we can't let him and his me-first cronies take us away from the good work possible.

What can we do to lead positive, promising lives for ourselves and others.

First, Trump clearly exemplifies a need for us to choose better leaders. Do we really want the kind of world he displays day after day, a world that demeans most people, works against the rights and opportunities of most people, pollutes our planet, and leads the way to elevate only a few wealthy folk. I don't want that world, and I will do what I can to work against it by supporting Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States, researching and writing about the issues, and voting.

I will also do what I can at home and at school to nurture children well, and work to be able to give the best possible modern education and care. I'll also work to live a cleaner, more Earth-friendly life with less one-time-use items, more plant-based diet, and reducing my own carbon footprint. Onward.