Monday, August 05, 2019


It's natural to avoid that which is difficult for you. I believe that we all do that.

To become stronger, however, calls us to face those challenges with a step-by-step plan to overcome the difficulty especially if that difficulty stands in the way of what you really want.

There are some challenges that I've been wrestling with for years and others that I have conquered over time. This morning as I read about challenges, one note that rang true for me is that when a challenge impacts more than just me, I tend to readily embrace that challenge. For example if the challenge will benefit my children, I'm highly motivated to achieve in that arena, yet if the challenge only relates to me alone, I'm less focused on it.

Sometimes we make ourselves too busy to pay attention to those challenges that are knocking at our door of life. We simply fill the schedule to avoid the challenge. Other times we may pretend that the challenge does not exist, but good challenges, the kind that are not easily met, rarely disappear, but instead reappear again and again and again until they knock you down or you simply get so tired of the challenge, you work at it and make change.

As I think of challenges great and small, I'm thinking about what will work to meet these persistent struggles. As I think of this, my responses include making time and prioritizing those efforts, creating a good pattern that includes this work, looking for positive support and coaching, and using positive self coaching too.

We all face challenges, and when we beat one challenge, another one is right around the corner. That's part of life--a part that keeps us humble, develops empathy, and pushes us to do better in life. Onward.