Saturday, July 27, 2019

Trump Times: What's an American to do?

To have Trump as president is like resigning yourself to staying in a bad marriage, job, or any other circumstance. We don't have to stay stuck with an errant, weak, lazy, and disrespectful President of the United States. To be the President of the United States is an important job, and to be satisfied with a leader who uses shaming, blaming, lying, exaggeration, name calling, and disrespect rather than do the positive, hard work of leadership including reading, research, collaboration, negotiation, compromise, and civil discourse and debate is a waste of our hard earned tax dollars, time, and potential.

No President of the United States will be perfect, but a positive President of the United States will be bright enough to recognize that they need a diverse team of best and brightest Americans to work together to forward our country in the ways possible. Trump's use of important jobs as prizes for those that donate the most money or go along with his errant, self-serving policies and decisions also wastes our money, wastes our time, and wastes our potential. His revolving door of cronies and family members that come and go in the White House weakens our country's foundation. Nepotism and cronyism are not hallmarks of strong, forward moving leadership, but instead examples of me-first, superficial, ego-driven work.

So what is an American to do during these times--how will we remove such a dangerous, weak, and lazy leader from office? This is what I am doing and will continue doing:

  • Research the issues of the day and as well as you can support those who forward the best policies, laws, and action to promote the best that our country can be. 
  • Support candidates with words, dollars, and time that you know will make a positive difference in the lives of all Americans not just a wealthy few. 
  • Do your own work and live your own life in the best ways possible--ways that elevate good living for yourself and those you work and live with.
There is no excusing Trump's poor behavior, behavior that's unacceptable on a school playground. He's a poor example for our children, an undisciplined leader, and a far cry from the good leadership we deserve for a country like ours that holds such great promise for good living today and into the future. We can do better, and we must all work for that end.