Monday, July 01, 2019

Get Away and Focus on Your Life

The view I'm looking at as I write--beautiful!
I'm sitting in a beautiful rental breathing in the mountain air while looking out to the mountain vista--this is the perfect place to sit back and think about life--where you are and where you are going. I write about this time and again, but a few days away to a beautiful place in nature is a great way to focus on who you are, what you want, and where you are going.

Professional Focus
Our team will work inline with systemwide goals related to deeper learning and integration of social-emotional learning efforts. We've already created a timeline and there's lots of reading, research, prep and planning to reach the many goals we've set. I want to know the students well, respond to their needs and interests, and help them develop a strong foundation in the academic/social-emotional goals set.

Personal Focus
My family, both intimate and extended, is moving out in multiple directions. These means letting go and letting things happen is an important goal of parenting older children and keeping strong relationships with your siblings. So as I've written about before, what's important here is a welcoming home, shared adventures, celebrating the good times, and supporting one another in ways that we can when needed. Personally it is about being as strong, loving, caring, and supportive as I can be to forward the good family and friend relationships that have been nurtured by so many over time.

Political Focus
I am so dismayed by Trump's poor leadership and example--the words he uses, behaviors he exhibits, and ethics he's lacking worry me greatly. On the other hand, I am witness to multiple positive political decisions and leadership at the state level, in Congress, at the local/state department of education, and amongst local, state, and national union leaders. I know that positive politics and leadership makes a positive difference in people's lives--I've seen that difference in my own life again and again. Right now I'm supporting Elizabeth Warren's campaign for President of the United States--she's bright, tireless, creative, collaborative and able to move into the Presidency with a strong Democratic leadership team that will bring back civility, sanity, strength, and a positive future for all American not just the few wealthy friends and family members here and abroad that Trump supports as he leads for he and his family's wealth, power, ego, and popularity. When we have a selfish President that doesn't even follow common rules of social etiquette and personal responsibility, we have a big problem.

I know that Trump became President because too many of us were not active enough in politics--we were asleep at the wheel while Russians forwarded their information warfare to make Trump president. Trump continues to appear to be Putin's puppet and frankly the puppet of anyone who has information or power that he believes supports him and strokes his ego. This is frightening, so increasingly I have to find ways to be more politically informed and active as I want a future for my children and grandchildren that includes peaceful international relations, safe communities, protection of natural lands, water, air, positive recreation opportunities, optimal education/health care, honest/law-abiding leadership, and respect for all people everywhere which includes the elimination of White supremacy and discrimination against people's varying lifestyles, partner choices, cultures, religions, gender, body-types, and more.

I believe that we are able to forward a world based on good living for all. I do believe that if we lead with the perspective of what's best for children and the elderly, we will lead well for all. I don't think that good living has to be a competition, but instead it can be a collaborative effort to elevate lives everywhere. I believe that we have to modernize the way we look at problems and solve them with an attitude that if all people have the opportunity to live well, we will have a better world. That is the vision I will continue to work for in my personal and professional life.