Friday, June 14, 2019

They are relying on you

Recently a number of educational leaders that I rely on did the right thing--their focus on issues that matter to the classroom teacher were significant and helpful supporting teachers like me to do a better job. I rely on their leadership, and they came through. That's awesome.

Now that we're down to the very last days of school, I am thinking of those that rely on me, and for the most part that includes my students and close colleagues. They rely on me to do the right thing which mostly means being present to support students with the final days' projects and learning, and to follow through with a number of tasks that support grade-level and school-wide teamwork which mostly includes paperwork and clean-up (not the most exciting jobs, but jobs that you do because you have to do them).

Today students will spend the morning putting finishing touches on their cardboard creations and painting those arcade games and play spaces. When I arrive this morning I'll organize the paint, brushes, and more to give them what they need to add wonderful colors to the cardboard masterpieces. We'll clean up before lunch and after lunch students will complete letters, postcards, and surveys related to the year's efforts.

With regard to collegial work, there's a number of follow-up tasks to clean up computers, return books, organize the classroom, and find final details related to last day events. Summer study dates and efforts are set, and there's a good routine ahead to reenergize, study, and have some fun. Onward.