Monday, June 17, 2019

Good planning leads the way

In busy, busy schools and school systems, good planning is integral to success. Our systemwide music department has been recognized time and again for excellence, and one signature move that department makes is good planning. By June, all of their major events for the year ahead are scheduled. This helps all of us to schedule around their events so there is not confusion or too many events happening at once. This is a first step when it comes to good work.

As I think of the issue of good planning, I have the following suggestions:

  1. Schools should decide what the big events are--the events that will impact many, and events that are worth the schedule changes and collaboration required. 
  2. Big events should scheduled with lead time in ways that work without getting int he way of other events.
  3. There should be weather dates for main events--many events rely on good weather, so there needs to be a second date scheduled.
Our team will try to schedule most important dates by the start of September which should help others who are scheduling dates too. We'll also work with parents to schedule special fifth grade dates with lead time so students' families can plan on these dates. In busy, busy schools apt scheduling is integral to doing a good job. Onward.