Monday, June 17, 2019

Global Cardboard Challenge Arcade Success

From 10:30-2:00 students entertained schoolmates in grades K-5 with a myriad of cardboard arcade games. Students lined up to play games and win prizes during their lunch recess on the playground. There was table tennis, skeet ball, miniature golf, miniature basketball, and many, many more imaginative games.

Thanks to the generosity of Gentle Giant Moving Company, we had plenty of boxes delivered to us in good time for lots of wonderful planning and creativity.

The day overall went well. As far as changes for next year, I want to consider the following:
  • Consult the custodian about the best containers for recycling after the event, and have those containers ready.
  • Start a bit earlier collecting prizes and have the prizes ready to go. Most prizes were recycled toys, books, art supplies and games. 
Other than that, I thought the timeline worked well including the following:
  • early morning meeting
  • recess
  • Global Cardboard Challenge talk
  • set-up
  • arcade game playing with each grade-level
  • clean-up
  • more play
This is a joyful event to have at the end of the school year, one we'll likely repeat next year.