Monday, June 17, 2019

Angry educators

Sometimes educators become angry?

I know that because there have been times when I've been an angry educator.

The key reason for the anger has been isolation, disrespect, and lack of support. When you are a well meaning, dedicated educator and you don't receive the support you need, anger might be the result.

While we know that anger is not positive in the schoolhouse, what can we do to eliminate anger or experiences that lead to anger.

Voice and Team
Sometimes educators are greatly isolated. They have no team, and they have no voice. Their jobs are taken for granted, and no one works with them to help them do what they can to support students. It's essential that every educator belong to a team, and that every educator has the chance to use their voice in discussing their work, planning good events, and making the difference they are skilled to make. When educators are distanced from voice and team, that isolation can create a situation where they are not able to teach in the ways they know are positive, ways that truly make a difference in students' lives. How can we make good change in circumstances like this?

First, every educator needs to be apart of a team, and every team needs a common focus and time to support one another in fulfilling that purpose. For example, my team has the goal of teaching an engaging, empowering, standards-based program to fifth graders. We work day in and day out to support each other to this end. It is very positive. Every educator deserves a good team and support for their goals and objectives.

Scheduling and Support
Every educator deserves support and good scheduling so they can achieve their objectives in the school house. For example, if you are an educator who needs a quiet space to achieve your objective and there is no quiet space available in the school for you, then you will be unable to achieve what it is you need to do. Or if you're an educator that needs a specific type of schedule to achieve your objective, and that scheduling is not taken seriously, you'll be unable to achieve your goals. It is essential that scheduling and supports are available for every education so that they can do what it is they are charged to do.

Collaboration and Communication
It is essential that there is good time and place for collaboration and communication so that educators can achieve what it is that they are tasked to do. When communication is weak and collaboration unsupported, it is less likely that schools will be strong.

Respect and Decision Making 
When educators are ignored, and distanced from decision making, it is likely that their investment and potential will wane. There needs to be respect for all staff in school settings, and everyone needs to have some say in the work they do and how they do it.

I believe that the greatest reason why educators may get angry is that they are not receiving the voice, choice, leadership, and support they need to do their jobs well. When distanced from the good work possible, it's easy to become angry and frustrated. Of course when this happens, educators have to find ways to speak up and act for change.

As one who has been in a position that angered me in the past, I am now speaking up and acting for change to help educators who still face these circumstances. My experiences now demonstrate to me how awesome schools can be, and I want all educators to work with similar opportunity for excellence, respect, and serving students as well as we're able. Onward.