Monday, May 20, 2019

The week ahead; last week in May 2019

As I look over the schedule for the week ahead, the theme of presence is clear. More important than anything else this week is to be there and to support the good work of the students and educators around me.

The Play
This will be the primary focus of the start of the week. There are lines to perfect, costumes to complete, and encouragement and praise to share.

Climate Change Projects
Once the play is past, we'll help students complete these projects. Then we'll make a film that illustrates their teamwork and accomplishments.

Solar Ovens
I'm hoping that we can cook our s'mores in solar ovens on Wednesday--let's see if the sun cooperates.

Nature Field Study
We'll spend a day in the field.

Biography research and writing
When there's time students will work on their Global Changemaker projects.

It's a busy week, and we'll take it one positive step to the next positive step. Onward.