Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Summer Study Update

Memorial Day weekend was a bit complicated as I tried to figure out the best way to deal with a family situation--one of those messy, complicated, and unclear situations. I thought and thought as I consulted and conferred with others. And finally after a day of big think, I landed at a resolve. Some problems don't present themselves as simply as others, and some take a lot of consideration before reaching a good conclusion.

Generally having a good plan and thinking ahead helps one to steer clear of points of confusion like I experienced this weekend. Considering the landscape ahead helps you to be prepared, in a large part, for what's to come.

As I think about this with regard to the school year, I find that I need to update my summer study plans a bit.

What's most important this summer is to catch up on some important personal needs to be ready for school year 2019-2020. I think most teachers will agree that personal items are often put on hold during the school year in order to complete the teaching/learning work desired. This summer I'll make the time to catch up in the personal sphere with a number of tasks--some enjoyable and some arduous, but important nevertheless.

I'll also make time to do the reading, research, coursework and prep that will set the stage for a good year ahead. Our team has set aside some time to complete this work.

Not unlike the children we teach, we often gravitate towards the most satisfying and enjoyable work while leaving some of the necessary, less interesting work behind. This summer I'll dig into some of those less desirable, but very important, personal work that will set the stage for a positive 2019-2020 teaching year. Onward.