Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Shifting relationships at home, work, and in the community

Our relationships shift over time. People who were once best friends may be more distant now, and those unknown to us a few years ago may now be the most important person in your life. We all experience shifting relationships.

Some of those shifts may be dramatic like earthquakes creating breaks that cannot be resolved, others may be short term conflicts, and others may include little to no drama. Relationships vary as do the path they take in our lives.

I've been thinking of this recently as my life changes quite a bit due to a large number of factors--it is simply a time of change for me and for those around me due to age, work, families, locale, and more.

As I think about shifting relationships, I have the following thoughts:

  • Make time to honor the long lasting and loving relationships you enjoy. You never know when there may be an unexpected or unwanted change with these relationships, and you don't want to have regrets about words unsaid or actions undone. These relationships may be the most important aspect of your life--don't squander these relationships.
  • Allow those you love and respect to move along their life paths with confidence and care. There will be times when you grow apart from those you love, and that might be all the right thing if it means that you or your loved one is taking a path that's true and right for them. People have a right to live their lives as well as they can, and sometimes that good living may mean a change in relationship.
  • Always face relationship conflicts and change with truth and respect. You won't always agree with those you relate to, but you can disagree with respect and care. As much as possible don't throw painful words and acts into relationship conflict--the kinds of words and acts that forever sever and harm an individual or relationship. 
  • When faced with a relationship conflict, put some space between you and the person. It's amazing what a bit of distance can do to remedy or reduce a relationship issue.
  • Sometimes relationships end. If a relationship is really harmful to you, and you give it a good try to make change to no avail, you may have to sever the relationship. That's a dramatic choice, but sometimes it's a choice you have to make.
Relationships with those we love and spend time with shift over time. Care and understanding of those around you will help you to use respect, compassion, and understanding with regard to these shifts. That's important.