Sunday, May 19, 2019

Questions can be controversial

I posed an issue and asked a question today. In response, I received a somewhat negative response.

I had no ill intent with the questioning, but I finally got up the courage and time to ask a question about what I have thought of as an unfair practice for about ten years. When this unfair practice was started, there were many unfair practices occurring in my midst. I was frustrated at that time, and unsure about how to best deal with the large number of events that I deemed unfair, and not in keeping with good ethics or equity in my midst.

Since that time, there have been many promising changes. Good leaders on many levels have had the courage and smarts to work for a more ethical and fair organization. There have been many small wins that have resulted in better working conditions for all--this is good. As always there is more to do, but lots of good work has happened so far.

I have asked the question I asked today many times over the past many years. The general response I received was that I had to live with the injustice. Then when I learned more about the situation, I knew I had to speak up as I deemed the situation unfair. On the scale of things in life, this situation is small, but if we don't speak up when small injustices occur, then greater injustices will follow. Onward.