Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Next Steps: Continuing down the field

The students heard my Bill Belichick message to "chunk it" as we move down the field of the final month of school. In fact when I was talking about how we would complete a few projects, one child remarked, "chunk it."

Today students created solar ovens, then cooked s'mores. It was a good project that they are invited to build on in the week ahead by improving their first design and, perhaps, trying to cook other items in the ovens. Cries of "It works" were testament that the project is a keeper--one that fits well with the standards, our climate change focus, and environmental science.

Tomorrow, they'll plant their seedlings into soil, and we'll keep working on the climate change projects. Step-by-step we'll  move forward to complete the wonderful projects planned. It's a time of year when it's essential to coach yourself ahead. #wecandothis