Saturday, May 25, 2019

Living in Trump Times: Discouraged by Poor Leadership

To live in Trump times and work in public education, a profession that the President does not support, is challenging. Yet fortunately we are a country of laws, and we have to use the laws to right the direction of wayward politicians and leaders.

When we allow leaders to serve themselves over country, we give away our voice.

When we allow leaders to support laws that lessen our needed supports, freedom, and environment, we give away our ability to live as well as we can.

When we allow leaders to continually skirt the law in ways that cost all of us extra money, we cheat ourselves.

We have to elect leaders who obey the law to the fullest measure, not just in ways that benefit them and keep them out of jail.

We have to elect leaders who demonstrate good character and judgement, the kind of people we want our children and grandchildren to emulate rather than bigoted, hateful, egomaniacs who serve themselves before country.

We have to elect intelligent leaders who are able to identify the best and brightest individuals in every field, and work with those people to bring our country ahead in ways that improve living conditions for all.

We have to elect humane leaders that don't step on the poor and destitute with prejudicial, demeaning comments while supporting wealthy me-first politicians and businessmen. We need fair minded leaders who value people of all classes, races, countries, genders, and cultures--not leaders who only value people that look like them or have something they want.

Trump times are discouraging times for those of us that value our country's Constitution, democracy, and will for freedom. It's a time when we have to watch a leader continually challenge our values in his speech, his actions, and his self-serving ways.

I can't fathom why people would value and vote for such a dangerous, insensitive, and challenged leader--it just doesn't make sense to me.