Saturday, May 25, 2019

Ending the year gracefully

The school year ending is near.

The biggest projects are complete or near completion.

The children have much to enjoy, engage in, and do.

The big focus now includes
  • completing the climate change video
  • completing biography reports
  • cleaning up and organizing the classroom
  • making lots of time to support students positively as they end the year--making time to truly listen to their needs and support them
Overall it has been one of the best teaching years in my career. The families were very supportive. The materials at hand to teach well were positive. The collaboration with my grade-level team terrific, and the opportunity to enrich the curriculum with many special events, new learning experiences, and collaborative study wonderful. 

There's always room for betterment, but for now it's time to mostly take a break from deep analysis, support the children well, and end the year as gracefully as possible. Onward.