Thursday, April 25, 2019

The year's choreography

How we choreograph the teaching year matters, and now that we're at the end chapter of the year, it's good to look back at how the year rolls out. To do this helps teachers to use their energy well.

  • introductions to one another
  • enjoyable, light, and accessible early activities
  • discussion about respect, good manners, and expected behaviors with and towards one another
  • discussion about bias, racism, labels, inclusion--building a respectful community
  • paperwork
  • team building
  • assessments
  • introduction to learning routines
October - December
  • goal setting/reflections
  • family-student-teacher fall conferences
  • Curriculum routines in place
January - early April
  • mid-year assessments
  • more reflection
  • progress reports
  • re-calibration of the year's efforts as informed by reflections, assessments
  • family-student-teacher late winter conferences
April - June
  • state/systemwide tests
  • auction efforts
  • STEAM 
  • biography project - Global Changemakers
  • End-of-year celebratory events
  • Prep and introductions to next year's program.