Friday, April 19, 2019

Lessons from the Mueller Report

Like many Americans, I'll read the report. I've read sections so far, and listened to pundits discuss the report.

Long ago, I said that I would accept the outcome of the report as I believe that Mueller is a steadfast lawyer and patriot, one who puts truth and country above his own ego and the gossip of the moment.

The report left us with no concise conclusion about collusion--the report demonstrates suspect behavior, behavior that happened, and behavior that the President and others have no recall of. The report also demonstrates that many statements made to the public were untrue so we know that many, many Americans heard the President and his staff make untrue statements, and many Americans believed those statements to be true at the time since they were spoken by our country's leadership team.

When I read the whole report in the days ahead, I'll think deeply about the reported events that occurred and the responses to those events by our country's leadership team. I'll draw conclusions as I read--conclusions about their actions, statements, and what should occur next.

I'll also listen to politicians, lawyers, and other leaders in the days ahead to learn how they see this report from their perspective, expertise, and the law.

So far as I read the report, I am reminded that it never pays to lie or cheat. Also if you're not going to support your team, you should be transparent about that. For example when the President did not support Comey, he should have simply been transparent about that to the American people rather than also using it as a way to make fun of Comey with Russian leaders.

And when people strike out against you, you need to uphold the mission of your work and your character. For example when Trump learned of Russia's interference in our elections, he should have done the right thing which is to stand up against that influence by forwarding new policies and laws to stop such influence.

Also you need to surround yourself with good people and you have to support those people with truth. You don't want to surround yourself with untruthful people, and you don't want to be untruthful yourself. It's better to accept the truth, even when humbling or troubling, and work for betterment.

It's clear that we don't have a President with good character. Instead we have a President who is comfortable with lying, and one who surrounds himself with a staff who are similarly comfortable with spreading untruths. We also have a President whose worries about his own reputation have halted his ability to work against foreign influence on our elections and our freedom and justice as a country. What else has this President done or not done as a weak leader?
  • Our debt is great while he has given a tax break to the wealthiest people and corporations. 
  • He and his staff have turned their backs on the science that clearly demonstrates a need for greater environmental protections.
  • They have shamed, blamed, and disrespected multiple hard working, good Americans via Twitter comments, press reports, and lack of support. 
  • This president  has fostered hate and prejudice against multiple groups of people including many oppressed and desperate refugees and immigrants rather than work with others to create and forward solutions to this grave situation. 
  • Rather than choose the best and brightest, he continues to choose friends and family members for important jobs which also weakens our government and our future as a strong nation.
  • He has shown no support for our public schools and hired a Secretary of Education who appears to be a reward for substantial donations to his campaign rather than an individual who truly understands education and how public schools can be well supported and strengthened at the national level.
The President and his staff's poor example of leadership, credibility, and time/money well spent is a lesson to all of us about how not to lead and be--we can all work better for greater transparency, truth, and good work in our jobs and lives. We must support leaders who work for betterment with good character, effort, and expertise, and we must also be those people in our own spheres of influence.