Saturday, April 20, 2019

Learning Synthesis: Meeting Academic Expectations Under Engaging Umbrella Themes

Over the past few years our science program at grade five has grown significantly. This year students are engaged in a number of hands-on investigations related to state science standards, an environmental studies program focused on state standards and climate change, and a series of STEAM projects focused on engineering and design. This is a worthy, engaging series of learning events that are creating positive reach for both students and teachers.

Recently the amazing survival of two little girls in California prompted me to think about a new way that we can synthesize our STEAM projects under the engaging umbrella of survival. Many people including students love to play survival games, read survival stories, and watch survival videos and movies.

So in the next few weeks students will engage in a number of survival-related activities including a local hike and creating water filters, solar ovens, and plant packets. The activities embed state standards and science, tech, and engineering design process. I'm sure students will be excited about this STEAM synthesis, a series of learning experience that will be engaging, collaborative, and rich with regard to student interest and academic expectations.