Sunday, April 28, 2019

Reduce Gun Violence

Our country is not taking gun violence seriously.

Those that believe this issue should be looked at through a public health lens are right--it is a public health issue.

We can solve this issue in the following ways:
  • Reducing, restricting, and regulating gun use. To use car registration and use as a model is a good idea.
  • Looking deeply at what makes people act with violence against innocents, and working on changing conditions that lead to gun violence. The breakdown of community supports with regard to health care, quality schools, clean environments, positive infrastructure, recreation opportunities, and nature spaces are part of the problem.
  • Choosing leadership that is not bigoted, hateful, prejudiced, and self serving will help--good leaders promote the best of whom we can be. Two-faced Trump adds to cultural dismay, violence, and hate--we need better leadership.
  • Promoting greater equity and care amongst people rather than hate and disharmony. 
  • Not investing in companies or individuals that promote irresponsible gun ownership or use. We should all look at who our mutual funds, 401K's, and other investments support and make sure we are not supporting these errant companies or individuals. 
We can do better with regard to the terrible violence we witness against innocents. Yet, to do this, we have to make a commitment to support measures that lessen this awful violence. This is possible.