Friday, March 22, 2019

Science Teaching: How can I do better?

After today's science class, I asked students, how I could better lead our science explorations. They noted that I could clarify the directions and help out with sharing the materials a bit more--those were good suggestions. I continued the discussion in the lunch room, and our bright librarian suggested that I rename the chemistry explorations, Potions Class. I liked that and will make that literary connection as we continue our grade-school chemistry learning.

I find it both perplexing and exciting that at this point in my career, I'm learning a lot about teaching science. In year's past, science wasn't given as much attention at elementary school because it's so difficult to find the time and make the space for the prep and teaching. Plus many of us elementary school teachers were not science majors so there's a learning curve here. Thanks to the terrific resources available online, boning up on the science standards is not too difficult. Also thanks to the terrific state/system resources we have by way of materials, books, articles, and scheduling, we're able to teach a lot more science than in the past. Now the challenge is to teach the subject with depth, engagement, and empowerment.

We're making headway with good routines, leading signs/posters, websites, and multiple hands-on projects. We'll continue this positive teaching/learning evolution into next year--a positive path.