Saturday, March 30, 2019

Improving my work and practice

If I had to define my mission, I would say it is to improve my work and practice to serve students, families, and colleagues as well as I can.

There's limitless opportunity to do this, and with regard to my circumstances, most of that work and effort comes from me.

As I think about this today to right my teaching/learning ship once again, I am reminded of the following objectives.

We have to be reverent to all whom we work with. To be reverent takes deep time and effort. This is a goal for me.

To establish deep, positive relationships, you have to listen, observe, and respond with care and commitment to others.

Smart Work
You need to work smart with the support of intelligent assistants--assistants that include books, online programming, video, experts, colleagues, experiences, and more.

Learning Paths and Objectives
We have to create optimal objectives and learning paths to achieve those objectives. We have to reflect and revise along the way.

Seeking and engaging in opportunities for joy is essential to a good life.