Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Humility: The chiseled rock

I often feel like a rock that is continually being chiseled in life. With every error, lesson, and experience, I am changed, and often those changes are humbling. I think, Why didn't I know that before? 

When we're open to learning and change, we also have to be open to the humility that comes with it. That humility also brings with it empathy too because as you learn, you understand about others' learning, challenges, and potential too.

Sometimes I wonder if parents and teachers have a monopoly on learning and humility since we face countless problems and growth opportunities daily. Our children at school and at home are constantly teaching us and broadening our perspectives. They continually hone our sense of justice, equity, respect, and contribution. We are much better because of them, but that doesn't mean the learning is always easy. We eat a lot of humble pie.

To do our best means to face each day with a fresh perspective and the new knowledge from the days before. As Jose Vilson inspires, "We can do this!"