Friday, March 29, 2019

Friday Musings: March 30, 2019

We had a successful volume exploration today!
March is a long month of dedicated study, and I'm happy to say that we mainly stuck to that goal and achieved much of what was planned. Our last school day in March ended with some great volume exploration, buddy book time, and time to organize for the events ahead.

The week ahead will find students prepping for and taking another math assessment. Students will also take a practice MCAS ELA test. One focus of the test prep will be a review of fraction computation using models, stories, and numbers.

Later in the week students will review science concepts via reading, creating slide shows, and taking an online open book test of the concepts--the test is meant to test their knowledge, and then to encourage them to learn what they weren't able to answer correctly. It's a good review prior to the Science MCAS.

On the professional learning/work side there's a faculty meeting with a very full schedule, a field trip paperwork/finance meeting, a local union meeting, and work to prep for an April 11th math workshop focused on the value of practice.

Fortunately it will be a light weekend which is always a good prequel to a busy week ahead. Onward.